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Taveuni Island Activities

Taveuni island in Fiji is ideal for the traveller who wants to experience one of the few places left on earth that is still pristine and unaffected by the modern world. And Coconut Grove Resort is right 'in the thick of it all'.

We can arrange any of the following for you:

  • Nature hike to Bouma Waterfalls
  • The Lavena Coastal Walk
  • Bird Watching at Nabogiono Bird Sanctuary.
  • Vidawa Rainforest Walk
  • Waitabu Village Visit
  • Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide
  • Horseback Riding
  • Great Fishing Trips around Taveuni with anything from local dinghy and guides, to top professional charters
  • Kayaking on our beach or around Taveuni Island
  • Village visits
  • Full-day sails
  • Snorkeling trips

On the other hand, you can relax and experience

Relax in your own private resort getaway
  • massage by a professional masseuse right in your room
  • chiropractic and natural medicine
  • dolphin watching from your verandah
  • wine sipping
  • hammock lying
  • chaise lounging
  • star gazing*

*On the side, I would like to tell you something here. I have always been an admirer of the night sky - an amateur gazer I guess. Whether it was the sky in Connecticut where I grew up, or the incredible shooting stars in Ladakh in northern India, they have all left incredible photos in my mind's eye.
But I must say to you that you will never ever see the sky more clearly, more brilliantly, or more dramatically, than here on Taveuni in the Fiji Islands.

Taveuni Bird Watching

taveuni birdwatching

The best "birder" on our island is Bobby, a man committed to the preservation of our bird wildlife on this island. Trips to his bird sanctuary can be arranged for you right here from the resort. The best time is late in the day & can be combined with a snorkel trip or horseback riding nearby.

Taveuni, Fiji is home to several species of tropical birds. You may be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of any or all of the following:

  • Orange Dove
  • Many Colored Fruit Dove
  • Ground Dove
  • Turtle Dove
  • Whistling Dove
  • Green Dove
  • Silk Tail
  • Parrot Finches
  • Honey-eater
  • Orange Breasted Honey-eater
  • Fly Catcher
  • Broad Bill
  • Fantail
  • Barking Pigeon
  • White Throated Pigeon
  • Triller
  • Parrot
  • Collared Lory
  • White Eye
  • Golden Whistler

Bird lovers world over come to Taveuni to see these special species.

Perhaps the main reason for the variety of bird life is the absence of the mongoose, which was introduced on many of the other islands to control the rat population.Taveuni's relatively inaccessible mountains and abundant food supply also have made it a haven for many species.

Professor Allen Keast and Mr. David Bishop, both respected in the field of bird watching, describe the experience here as one of their most memorable.

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