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get totally relaxed with one of our fully qualified massage therapists
Massage and Spa Treatment at Coconut Grove, Fiji

Coconut Grove has a group of four fully trained massage therapists at our resort, here to pamper you during your stay on Taveuni Island in Fiji.

Their training comes from the director of SS School of M & Natural Therapeutics. This woman has had 35 years of experience in private practice in Hawaii and California and has mastered a broad spectrum of massage techniques which she has taught her students here in Fiji.
In this country there is an abundance of natural talent in massage and the healing arts that is passed down from the ancestors, so the professional training they receive simply enhances their natural gift.

Because of the high cost involved in this caliber of massage it is usually only available at the upper end resorts. Coconut Grove is proud to offer it to our guests at a very reasonable price.

Massage can be done at the new, private massage bure on the beach or on your private verandah.

  Massage Services Offered

Full body massage with 2 hands, 4 hands or 8 hands

Reflexology foot massage

Many guests from other resorts call us on 928-6780 or 888-0328 to book in for massages.

We are happy to have outside guests come down to the beach to enjoy the best massage on the island.

Massage is currently on special at FJ$125 + tax per person for 1 hour
We also offer couples massage at FJD$250 + tax for 1 hour

Private Beach Bure Massage

Fijian Massage at Coconut Grove, Taveuni
Massage and Spa Treatment at Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages